Bed Bugs Bites

Bed bugs bite humans because they feed on human blood. Bed bugs are nocturnal. They frequently hide in your bedding and the seams of your mattress set during the day. At night, they leave these hiding places to feed on human blood. They may climb from their hiding spots in your bedding, your mattress, behind your furniture, and even in your curtains to bite you while you sleep. They are attracted to the CO2 that humans exhale when they breathe. They may bite their victims multiple times resulting in many bed bug bites overnight. Humans don’t feel the bed bugs while they are biting because these insects have an anesthetic saliva that numbs the skin while they feed.


In the morning when you wake up, you may discover several tell-tale signs of the bed bug attack. Your body may have itchy bites or swollen welts on it, and your bed sheets can be stained with small reddish-brown flecks of blood.


There are a lot of good reasons to call pest control services if you have bed bugs in your home. Unfortunately, a bed bug infestation will invariably lead to bed bug bites. These itchy bites can result in welts and allergic reactions that exacerbate the problem. People who are bitten by bed bugs often need to apply a topical medication to the red, itchy bumps. Bed bug bites can even lead to a bacterial infection. That can require a costly visit to a doctor’s office. If you suspect that you may have bed bugs in your home, then it’s better to contact a professional pest control service than deal with bed bug bites.


You should seek professional help at the very first sign of bed bugs in your home. If at all possible, you want to get the problem solved before you find yourself and your family members covered in bed bug bites. Remember that bed bugs will not go away on their own. Without pest control services, the infestation will simply continue to grow unchecked until the bed bug bites become more frequent and severe. You and your family do not have to suffer the discomfort and indignity of being bitten while you lie in bed sleeping. It’s far better to call pest control services than to dread every evening wondering if you will be bitten by bed bugs again.