Termite Control Methods

Control methods used to handle termite infestations are either prevention methods or extermination methods. Prevention methods are recommended over extermination methods because they are easier, cheaper and less stressful ways to prevent infestations than to exterminate the same.

One of the most common termite prevention methods is to create a chemical barrier around buildings that will either kill or deter termites. Professional exterminators can treat the soil around common entrance points such as concrete slabs extending to the ground with chemicals designed to kill termites. These chemicals work because termite bodies easily absorb moisture, including these pesticides which enter through their skin and build up until they reach lethal concentrations. Other termite prevention methods include designing the building to make it accessible to inspectors but inaccessible to termites. For example, ensuring that no timber touches the soil can prevent termite damage to structural supports.

Termite baits and traps are popular extermination methods. They are less guaranteed of success than prevention methods and take longer to work. Homeowners or professional exterminators need to plant the traps in the termites’ foraging areas, replenish the bait every so often and wait while the termites bring the bait back to their nests and poison themselves.