Bed Bugs Dubai

Bed Bugs in Dubai

While Dubai is currently under heavy development towards becoming a world-renown resort and travel destination, it is has also developed an increasing bed bug problem, for which most pest control companies haven’t yet found a solution. While traditionally these bed bugs were found in the busier neighborhoods that surround the area, the pests have made their way into the multi million dirham communities in Dubai’s tourist district. Areas such as Deira, Karama, and Jumeirah have all had reports of a serious bed bug problem, and if you are living in Dubai, I am sure you’ve experienced or heard about this issue also. Luckily, there are various types of pest control service in the area that are increasing in number every day, and Akkad pest control services can help you stop the Dubai bed bugs.


The increasing Pest Control Services

Because of the bed bug problem, there has been a demand for various pest control services in the Dubai area. As the local population surged from the tourism and trade, bed bug complaints to the Dubai Municipality grew 34% from 2006-2007. Additionally, pest-related complains nearly tripled from 1,664 to 4,676 during that same time period. In a city of over 1.4 million people, pest control Dubai is definitely required, and if you’re in Dubai, you probably have experienced them already.


What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are common household pests that often live in the bed sheets and bite the humans that decide to sleep there. The only real way you can stop bed bugs is to prevent them from taking residence in the first place. Dubai bed bugs are reddish-brown, with a flat oval body that is about 6 millimeters long. While bed bugs are traditionally found hiding in the bed, they can also be living in other areas of the room such as the curtains. You must also carefully monitor how the bed bugs got into the room. If the bed bugs have infested a hotel, this will be exceedingly difficult, as the complex interior design of the hotel provides many avenues for the bed bugs to travel through. In the modern hotels of Dubai, I’m sure bed bugs have found ample space and channels to take residence in many rooms. You must also always check your bags and purses; bed bugs have been known to be travel companions and you can easily bring the bedbugs home without even realizing it. Remember to inspect your luggage carefully before and after your travels.


How Pest Control stops them

The best Dubai pest control will use a customized treatment plan for your infestation. The primary way to get rid of Dubai bed bugs is through the careful application of insecticides. These insecticides are specially formulated to kill and ward off bed bugs for several weeks. Additionally, this type of pest control can also use the Insect Growth Regulator, which mimics insect growth hormones so that the bed bugs never develop into maturity and die. If the infestation is severe, a fumigation might be necessary. In this situation, the entire building is covered and fumigated with insecticide. Personal belongings will have to be moved to a designated area, and you will not be able to sleep there for at least a day. For hotels and other large establishments, this is the only surefire method available to get rid of a bed bug problem. Akkad pest control services offers various such services to help treat your bedbug problem. I hope we’ve given you a stronger idea of how pest control Dubai can help your bed bug problems.