Pest Control in Al Barsha

Al Barsha, a bustling hub of entertainment and relaxation in Dubai, has a diverse array of attractions, including shopping centers such as the Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha Mall, restaurants, cafés, nightclubs, Al Barsha Pond Park, and the butterfly garden, allows various pests to thrive.

Common pests that may infest this vibrant district include cockroaches, ants, rodents, and flies. Numerous dining establishments and food outlets attract cockroaches and ants, seeking shelter and sustenance in the bustling environment.

Additionally, the lush greenery of parks and gardens harbors rodents, while stagnant water in ponds and flowerbeds may attract mosquitoes. Flies are drawn to outdoor dining areas and waste disposal sites. To mitigate pest infestations in Al Barsha, residents must implement proactive pest control and cockroach control measures, such as regular sanitation, proper waste management, and professional pest control services, to ensure a clean and enjoyable environment.

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Cockroach control and ant control in Al Barsha

  • Identification: Determine the severity of the infestation and identify the cockroaches and ants that live in your home. Control measures may vary depending on the type of insect.
  • Sanitation: Keep your home clean and clear of food scraps. Cockroaches and ants are drawn to crumbs, spillage, and trash.
  • To remove food sources, sweep, mop, and vacuum the floors on a regular basis, as well as clean worktops and surfaces.
  • Remove Standing Water: Repair any plumbing leaks and eliminate all standing water sources. Cockroaches and ants are attracted to damp, so keeping your home dry can help discourage them.
  • Seal Entry Points: Check your home for cracks, crevices, and gaps near doors, windows, pipes, and utility lines. Seal these access spots with caulk or other appropriate materials to keep bugs out.
  • Professional Pest Treatment: If the infestation persists despite your best efforts, consider hiring a pest control professional. They may assess the problem and make suitable treatment recommendations, which may involve insecticides or other specialist approaches.

Rat Control services

Rat infestations are another widespread problem in densely populated parts of Dubai. The biggest cause of rats and mice is poor waste management in kitchens and unattended rubbish bins in restaurants. Rats are drawn to leftover food in buildings, apartments, and houses.

To address rat infestations, we shall first inspect the property. After the inspection, our technicians choose the best treatment technique to exterminate rats. Bait stations, rodenticides, and glue traps are among the possible treatment approaches.


These are toxic baits specifically designed to attract and kill rats. Rodenticides are usually placed in bait stations to prevent access by children, pets, and non-target animals.


Different types of traps, such as snap traps and glue traps  to capture and eliminate rats. Snap traps are designed to kill rats instantly, while glue traps ensnare them until they can be disposed of.

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Bed Bug Control for apartments & villas

  1. Begin by thoroughly cleaning all bedding, linens, curtains, and clothing in hot water before drying them on the maximum heat setting.
  2. Vacuum your mattress, box springs, bed frame, and surrounding surfaces on a regular basis, giving special attention to edges, gaps and ends.
  3. Use a steam cleaner on mattresses, furniture, and carpets to kill bed bugs and their eggs.
  4. If the infestation continues or you find it difficult, consider hiring a licensed pest control service that experts in bed bug elimination. They have access to special treatments and can offer complete solutions.

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FAQ's on Pest Control in Al Barsha

Pest control costs in Al Barsha can fluctuate based on the severity of infestation and the required treatment. Immediate solutions for one-time services are available starting at 99 AED to address urgent issues. For continuous protection, we offer a 6-month warranty plan priced at 157.5 AED for studio apartments. This one-time payment includes unlimited service calls, providing peace of mind for ongoing pest management. Our pricing structure is tailored to accommodate various budgets and requirements, empowering customers to select the pest control solution that best suits their needs. From swift resolutions to comprehensive coverage, our services are designed to deliver value and efficacy. With our 6-month warranty, customers can rest assured that any emerging pest concerns will be promptly attended to without incurring additional charges for service calls.

Akkad Pest Control prioritizes safety measures for everyone including pets. Certain pesticides and insecticides used during the process of pest control may trigger various allergic reactions and even be harmful effects to humans and animals. Akkad technicians will provide necessary guidance and safety precautions that needs to be taken before and after pest control process to ensure a safe pest control procedure.

Yes, we are a fully licensed municipality approved pest control service and one of the fast growing companies in the UAE with expertise in bugs , ants, rats and mice control as well as other pests.