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Being able to identify if our home is infested with termites goes a long way in safeguarding it from these destructive insects.
One of the ways of identifying termite infestation is by discovering winged termites. However many people mistake winged termites for the harmless winged ants which also swarm at the same time of the year. These termite-swarmers are typically attracted towards light and are seen around windows and doors. If these winged termites are seen emerging from piles of wood or tree stumps in the garden, then this need not necessarily be a cause for concern. However, if they are seen emerging from the base of the house or through patios, then this increases the likelihood of termite infestation. Another visible sign is the mud tubes that are usually seen growing on walls. These tubes are normally the thickness of a pencil but can be thicker as well. The mud tubes can be broken open to see tiny cream-colored termites if the tube is active.

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