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Termites are insects that feed on wood and make their nests inside concrete walls, footing, window frames and door frames. They live in many premises, burrowing through wooden walls, floors and beams. Their activity weakens your home and leaves it susceptible to damage and destruction. It is amazing how much damage can be done by such small creatures. That’s why it is important to hire a pest control services company that specializes in eradicating termites.


If you have a termite infestation, you are probably wondering how much termite control costs. It is far more affordable than the irreversible damage your house or apartment will incur if you do not have your termite problem solved as soon as possible.


Termite infestation isn’t limited just to residential properties. Mosques, churches, shopping malls and warehouses in Dubai can all become infested with termites. That’s why a good pest control services company is well-equipped to deal with termites no matter whether they are located in residential homes, flats and apartments; or commercial properties like office space, places of worship, and stores. A professional company can also work with new construction to implement methods to prevent future termite infestation.


Termite control from a professional company can cost from 2000 UAE Dirham up to 15000 UAE Dirham depending on the size of the premises and the method used to kill the termites. Various methods include fumigation, chemical extermination, bait extermination and heat extermination. For smaller areas, electro-gun and the microwave system may be used.


There are three categories when it comes to the cost of termite treatment.


The second category is commercial treatment for structures like offices, shops, malls, and other buildings. Once again, the cost of termite control will depend on the size of the premises and the damage of termites per unit.


The last category when it comes to termite control cost is for construction building . The cost for this is based upon the number of square feet.

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