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The fact that cockroaches exist in Dubai may come as a surprise to many since cockroaches love dark and moist places, while Dubai is extremely hot and quite dry.


While public places may be spared of cockroaches, households are not that lucky since restaurants, hotels and places that are open to public use are treated heavily by insecticides. In fact places likes these have to invest a great deal in pest control. Typical places where roaches are found in households include the kitchen, where ample food can be found, toilets, etc. Outside on the streets, roaches are most commonly found around dustbins. Regarding the size of the cockroaches, those in Dubai are typically larger than those in other parts of the world. However, the problem of cockroaches can easily be addressed since a number of insecticides are available on market shelves in Dubai that can be used to exterminate these tiny critters.


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