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Cockroaches can easily be caught by using a trap. The trap is designed to get the cockroach inside and not allow any to escape. Many types of non-toxic cockroach traps are found online at many retailers or sites dedicated to insect removal. A natural attractant is used that will lure the insect into a trap.


The use of these types of traps requires no liquid and will not damage carpets or linoleum. This is a product that is safe to use near food. Placement of a trap will need to be in a warm area at the base of a wall or near a building’s water pipes.


If you want to make your own cockroach trap, apply cooking spray to the inside of a glass bottle. Place the bottle where cockroaches have been seen and leave it out overnight. Cooking spray is slippery for a cockroach and prevents the insect from climbing back out of the bottle.

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