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Common pest infestation are prevailing in various locations in Dubai. These pests are found in every home. Places requiring pest control expertise include apartments, villas, industrial areas and business premises.Professionalize Services To Control Insects Your Needs

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Conveniently Find pest control company near your home to treat pest infestations. Give us a call for a free inspection. Akkad pest control experts to get rid of pests in your Villas , Apartments or workplace

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Professional Pest Management Company

We are offering pest control for all types of infestations in Dubai Homes, Apartments or Villas and Offices

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Inspection and Treatment

Insects Control and Pests Free: Proven services control for a Healthier Home

Eliminate bed bugs in your bedrooms and living areas, ensuring a peaceful and pest-free environment. We are a Municipality-certified company for professional pest control and management services, specializing in comprehensive bed bug eradication solutions.

Home and Residential Pest control

Eradicate Pests: Expert Services for Apartments, Villas, and Homes

Akkad offers a wide range of services, addressing common household pests such as ants and cockroaches, termites, rodents, bed bugs, flies, rats and mice.

Our warranty period includes free treatment with unlimited callouts. Akkad pest control specializes in treating bugs and insect infestations in your home apartment or villa.

We use specialized treatment methods such as gel and spray for cockroaches, bait traps for rat and mice, heat treatment for bed bug control for your home and residence.

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Commercial pest control in Dubai

Pest-free workplace for your business or office

Akkad pest control offers various packages and Deal for pest control services for your business or industry.

We are a Municipality certified Pest Control company offering services for commercial sectors such as Restaurants, Buildings, Accommodations, Shops and Supermarket, Hotels and Cafeteria, Shopping Malls, Business Offices, Saloons, Nursery, Schools, Collages and Universities as well as Hypermarket.

Treatment for pests found everywhere in Dubai

Common Insects In Dubai

There are very common insects found in Dubai. In the kitchen and washroom areas you may notice cockroaches feeding on food leftovers. Rat and mice trying to feast on garbage bins and food leftovers can be seen indoors or outdoors. Bed bugs can be noticed running in living rooms and wardrobes. Ants are commonly seen feeding on food spills and crumbs.

In the garden, mosquitoes and other insects such as bees and wasp infestations that need to be controlled immediately.

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Same day service for urgent calls: We are fully equipped and ready to service you providing same day service during an emergency situation in you Villa or Apartment

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Technicians and pest control experts near you: We have Pest Control Technicians in various locations across Dubai and UAE to offer fast, reliable services

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Quick booking and Scheduling: Book your appointment conveniently via our Website, Mobile App or through WhatsApp

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 Make call on 043966211 or send your request via WhatsApp . You can also book from the Website Customer Portal


Explain your Pest related problem and required Pest Control area such as Bedroom (Beds - Wardrobes), Living Room (Sofas), Dining Room, Bathrooms, Kitchen or Outdoors.



Schedule an appointment with Akkad for Pest Control at your preferred time and convenience for inspection at your location.


Preparation & Treatmen

Clean the affected areas, clear furniture and other items that may obstruct the treatment process, move away any food items or clothing. Once the property is ready, technicians will do the necessary treatment required.



Follow instruction given by the pest control team, maintain sanitary and hygiene practices and seal any entry points of pests.


Why Akkad Pest Control

For more than 23 years, we are safeguarding what's most valuable to you. Our trusted local specialists insects control go above and beyond to ensure the well-being of you and your home, 365 days a year. When you choose us to address your concerns, it's not merely a commitment it's an assurance.


Enjoy an exclusive 6-month warranty , Unlimited Call out we will not let you till we solve your problem


Akkad proudly boasts 23 years of UAE expertise, honored with 13 awards from Dubai Municipality's Pest Control Section.


Book within 180 days of starting services for a free change service. Just book via phone or our app, and our skilled team will come to you.


Dubai Municipality-endorsed Pest Control Services For Residential or Commercial Properties.

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Frequently Asked Questions Pest Control

The cost of pest control services in Dubai is influenced by the level of infestation and the treatment necessary. An initial service for urgent pest concerns is available for 99 AED.

To ensure continued protection, we offer a 6-month warranty plan, with prices at 189 AED for studio apartments. This fee, paid once, covers unlimited service calls.

We've structured our pricing to accommodate a wide range of budgets and preferences, enabling clients to select the pest control solution that best fits their situation. Whether it’s a swift intervention or thorough safeguarding you’re looking for, our services are tailored to provide both value and effectiveness.

With the 6-month warranty, you can rest assured that any new pest problems will be swiftly handled, without any extra cost for the call-out services.

Following safety procedures are important during and after the treatment. Our technicians will brief on safety instructions that needs to be followed.

The time taken to complete the treatment depends on the size and type of the property. Generally a bedroom or a hall may take up to 30 min and an apartment may take up to 3 hours or more.

Mostly cockroaches and bedbugs are commonly found in villas and apartments as well as business offices. Rats and rodents are also commonly found everywhere in Dubai.

Assigning a professional pest control company for commercial and industrial premises is mandatory by the Dubai municipality

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Cockroaches Control Services

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