Pest Control in International City

Dubai International City offers affordable housing and various facilities such as the Grand Dragon Mart for retail and shopping, nearby mosques and more than 3 parks. There are 14 neighborhoods with over 250 residences. It is spread across 10 clusters and connected by over 113 streets. The total population exceeds 3.5million.

With the fast growth, the spread of various pest infestations can be noticed in home villas, apartments as well as business premises.

Due to this reason, Pest Control Experts should make often visits to eradicated pests such as rats and mice infestations, implement cockroaches control, bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes and various other pest control for a healthier environment of the residents living.

Pest Control in International City

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Cockroach Control

Kitchens and toilets are prime sites for cockroaches for shelter since they provide easy access to food and water. Food leftovers, spilled beverages, and open food packages are all consumed by cockroaches.

Additionally, cracks and defects in the walls, flooring, and windows can allow cockroaches to enter residences. Once inside, they grow quickly and can become a serious problem if a pest control company is not able to effectively control them.

Preventing cockroach infestations in homes and kitchens can be achieved by consistent cleaning, secure food storage, and sealing off entry holes.

Inspecting the Property:

We look over the property to discover entrance points, cockroach nesting sites, and egg-laying locations.

Treatment for the infestation:

Depending on the location of the property and its level of infestation, chemical treatments could include sprays, powders, gels, or baits.

Prevention for the future:

Sealing cracks in windows, pipes, and wall crevices is one way to stop cockroach infestations. Another is to keep the kitchen, bathroom, and other places clean on a regular basis.

Monitoring & Follow-ups:

Throughout the warranty period, routine follow-ups to make sure the treatment was successfully completed will be offered at no additional cost.

Termite Control

Despite being a modern and well-maintained neighborhood in Dubai, International-City is susceptible to termite damage, especially from people being settled from diverse communities and those with untreated wooden components in their residences.

Preventive measures and routine inspections by a Dubai Municipality licensed pest control company are essential to protect International City against any termite damages.

Chemical Treatments:

Where termites are suspected or active, such as around wooden structures, inside walls, or along baseboards, liquid termiticides or foams are used. Upon contact, these substances are intended to either repel or kill termites instantly.

Baiting Systems:

Toxic bait is positioned in termite bait stations, which are situated strategically throughout indoor termite habitats. By consuming the bait and returning it to their colony, termites progressively wipe out the entire termite population.

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Bed Bug Control

  1. Beds, carpets, couches, beds, and other furniture where people usually sleep or spend a lot of time are common places for bed bugs to hide. As a result, each of these products needs to be treated attentively.
  2. Long-term cabinet storage of clothing and books could provide an ideal environment for bed bugs.
  3. If you think any clothes you wear contains bed bugs, immediately wash it off in warm temperature to get rid of any possible infestations.
  4. Hire a trustworthy pest control company to help ensure that the bed bugs are effectively treated and eradicated if treating them yourself proves to be ineffective.

Pest Control Steps in International City

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FAQ's on Pest Control in Dubai International City

Pest prevention and control costs in International City can vary depending on the seriousness of the infestation and the necessary course of treatment. There is a 99 AED one-time control available for urgent situations. A 6-month warranty with unlimited calls for ongoing protection is available for studio apartments for a one-time payment of 157.5 AED. Clients can select the level of pest treatment that best meets their needs and budget. Our services range from comprehensive coverage to rapid solutions, with the goal of providing efficacy and value. The six-month guarantee ensures that any new pest issues are addressed immediately.

It is recommended to temporarily vacate your home or taking precautions to minimize exposure to chemicals which could cause harm on pets or people.

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult residential pest to get rid of. They are resilient, multiply rapidly, and can easily spread to new places.

The various bacteria, viruses, and parasites  are mostly spread by mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and some mammals. When it comes to spreading infectious diseases around the world, mosquitoes are the most dangerous insect among other pests.