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Various termite control products are available to keep termites out of your home. The types of control product that are available on the market include a bait system or the use of liquids. Typically a liquid product to control termites is fast acting and can be applied near the location of an infestation in your home. The use of a bait system is typically easier to employ. This requires no drilling or extra work to deploy the product.


The use of a bait system can alert you to a problem before termites get into your home. The use of any type of termite control product allows you to perform termite control yourself. Another product type that you can use is a termite foam or even a wood treatment. If you are unsure about the proper type of product to use, call a professional exterminator service to come out and take care of the problem.


Copper Brite makes a termite prufe product that is mixed with water. This product continues to work for many days after is has been applied to infected wood or areas around your home. You can also use this product with other types of preventative treatments.

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