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sign and solution for termite infestation in villa

Wings and Dead Ants

The shed wings id swarmer indicate
termites have entered their next phase of development. Live termites:
Reproductive kings and queens are 1/2″ long, winged and black or brown
in color

Doors , Walls damage

Cracked or distorted paint on wood surfaces: Swarming dry wood termites can  enter through openings smaller than the edge of a dime, so monitor and seal
any cracks in the home’s foundation and near roof siding, vents and windows..

Tunnel & Mud Leads

Tunnels made of mud positioned on the outside of house structures (brickwork,
walls, concrete posts, concrete slabs and other
dense structure materials) are a strong sign of your building being at risk of termite infestation.

Wings and Dead Ants

The shed wings of swarmer indicate
termites have entered their next phase of development. Live termites:
Reproductive kings and queens are 1/2″ long, winged and black or brown
in color

termite firewall anti termite treatment system

professional treatment life time warranty termite not return

  • Firewall system consider Latest Solution For Termite Treatment in recent Time
  • Fire wall is a new method will protect any premises which is effected by termite infestation
  • As we know termite are living in colony underground creating big colony connecting by tunnels ,, to control any premises ( villa , high building etc.. ) will be 100% efficient by this system

how its work

  • List GTo achieve best solution for firewall system , starting from holes deep in ground between 150 cm – 200 cm , these holes will be assigned by engineer around villa , between each hole to other 90 cm – 120 cm roup Item 1
  • After making these holes we start to inject these holes with anti-termite pesticide by special termite injection machine which press 60 Bar pressure flowing all pesticide into termite colony
  • Benefit from this firewall will product all premises from coming termite infestation and block any other insect either, firewall will last up 20 years protection system

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Termite chemical products

best Chemical common used in Dubai For termites Treatment

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FAQ’s for Termite Control in Dubai

For anti termite treatment for pre-construction, there are several methods such as soil treatment, drilling and injecting anti termiticide and using bait stations to kill termites. For homes such as apartment and villas, methods such as termite fumigation, bait stations, wood treatment and heat treatment will be used.

Termite control can cost from 2000 UAE Dirham up to 15000 UAE Dirham depending on the size of the premises and the method used to kill the termites. Various methods include fumigation, chemical extermination, bait extermination and heat extermination. For smaller areas, electro-gun and the microwave system may be used.

Termites thrive in warm, humid environments, which can be present in certain areas of Dubai, in buildings, villas and apartments where moisture issues may arise.

  • Termite homes or mud tubes can be noticed
  • Discharged wings of termites
  • Damaged wood surfaces and furniture due to termite infestation
  • Noise produced by termite swarms inside walls or wooden structures
  • Damaged, discolored paint or dry walls

Pest control benefits by preventing or controlling termite infestations and minimizing property damage. Pest control experts identify early signs of termites and promptly take action to control them before causing significant harm.

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Termites are insects that feed on wood and make their nests inside concrete walls, footing, window frames and door frames. They live in many premises, burrowing through wooden walls, floors and beams. Their activity weakens your home and leaves it susceptible to damage and destruction. It is amazing how much damage can be done by such small creatures. That’s why it is important to hire a pest control services company that specializes in eradicating termites.

If you have a termite infestation, you are probably wondering how much termite control costs. It is far more affordable than the irreversible damage your house or apartment will incur if you do not have your termite problem solved as soon as possible.

Termite infestation isn’t limited just to residential properties. Mosques, churches, shopping malls and warehouses in Dubai can all become infested with termites. That’s why a good pest control services company is well-equipped to deal with termites no matter whether they are located in residential homes, flats and apartments; or commercial properties like office space, places of worship, and stores. A professional company can also work with new construction to implement methods to prevent future termite infestation.

Termite control from a professional company can cost from 2000 UAE Dirham up to 15000 UAE Dirham depending on the size of the premises and the method used to kill the termites. Various methods include fumigation, chemical extermination, bait extermination and heat extermination. For smaller areas, electro-gun and the microwave system may be used.

There are three categories when it comes to the cost of termite treatment.

The second category is commercial treatment for structures like offices, shops, malls, and other buildings. Once again, the cost of termite control will depend on the size of the premises and the damage of termites per unit.

The last category when it comes to termite control cost is for construction building . The cost for this is based upon the number of square feet.

Anti Termite Solutions for pre construction in Dubai

Protecting your home from termites before construction begins is crucial to avoid costly damage later on. Anti-termite solutions for pre-construction offer a proactive approach to keep termite infestation away from the property with pre-construction anti termite solution.

Key steps followed prior to construction

  • Conduct a thorough site inspection to identify potential termite entry points and assess the level of risk.
  • Choose appropriate anti-termite treatments based on the site’s conditions and construction plans.
  • Apply soil treatment by spraying termiticides around the perimeter of the building site to create a protective barrier.
  • Utilize termite-resistant materials such as treated wood or concrete for construction to deter termite infestations.
  • Install physical barriers such as metal mesh or plastic shields around pipes and utility openings to prevent termites from accessing the structure.
  • Regularly monitor the construction site for signs of termite activity and make necessary adjustments to the anti-termite measures.
  • Ensure that all anti-termite treatments comply with safety regulations and environmental standards.
  • Document the anti-termite measures taken during pre-construction for future reference and maintenance purposes.
  • Collaborate with construction teams and pest control experts to implement comprehensive anti-termite strategies throughout the building process.
  • Educate homeowners and construction personnel about the importance of anti-termite solutions and the role they play in preventing termite damage.

If you’re planning to construct a new villa or high-rise multi-story building, prioritizing pre-construction termite treatment is essential. Akkad Pest Control employs highly skilled and advanced techniques for combating termite infestations in Dubai. We directly apply pesticide (termiticide) to the exterior, interior, and foundation to ward off termite attacks. Our treatment plan includes injecting liquid pesticide directly into areas such as the foundation, within foundation walls, and beneath concrete slabs.

Methods used for anti-termite treatment:

Soil trenching and treatment

The soil trenching method in anti-termite treatment involves digging trenches around the perimeter of a building site and treating the soil within these trenches with termiticides to create a protective barrier against termites.

Trench Digging: First, trenches are dug along the foundation of the building site. These trenches are typically around 6 inches wide and deep enough to reach the bottom of the foundation.

Soil Treatment: Once the trenches are dug, termiticides are applied directly to the soil within the trenches. This can be done using specialized equipment such as sprayers or injectors.

Soil Replacement: After the termiticide is applied, the soil is replaced back into the trenches. The termiticide-treated soil forms a continuous barrier that termites cannot penetrate, effectively protecting the structure from termite infestation.

Drilling and injecting termiticides

Initially termite activity within the building will be identified. This may include areas where termites have been spotted or evidence of termite damage. Holes are drilled into the infested wood or into the soil surrounding the structure. These holes provide access points for injecting the termiticide.

Termite treatment service

A specialized injection tool is used to deliver the termiticide directly into the drilled holes. The termiticide is injected at high pressure to ensure thorough penetration into the wood or soil.

The termiticide spreads throughout the treated area, reaching termites within the wood or soil. Termites that come into contact with the termiticide are affected, either by direct contact or through ingestion.

Bait station methods

This method is used in areas such as drilling is not suitable such as upper floors or areas with electrical wiring.

Bait stations are strategically placed around the perimeter of a building or in areas where termite activity is suspected. They are typically installed in the ground or directly on top of soil near the structure. When termites discover the bait stations, they begin feeding on the bait.

As they feed, they ingest the toxic substances within the bait, which can be lethal to the termites. Additionally, termites may carry the bait back to their colony, spreading the toxic substance to other termites and ultimately leading to the elimination of the colony.


Anti Termite Solution for Vila and Apartment in Dubai

Applying Liquid Termiticides: We commonly apply liquid termiticides around the perimeter of homes, creating a barrier that termites cannot cross. We may also inject liquid termiticides directly into termite galleries within the structure.

Using Termite Baits: We place bait stations in the ground around the home. These stations contain cellulose material laced with slow-acting toxicants. Termites feed on the bait and carry it back to the colony, eventually eliminating the entire colony.

Injecting Foam Termiticides: We inject foam termiticides into termite galleries within the structure. The foam expands to fill voids, effectively distributing the chemical throughout the colony.

Applying Wood Treatments: We apply termiticides directly to wooden structures or use pressure-treated lumber during construction to protect against termite damage.

Performing Fumigation: We seal off the home and release a fumigant gas inside, penetrating all areas of the structure to eliminate termites. Homeowners must vacate the premises for a period of time during fumigation.

Conducting Heat Treatment: We use specialized equipment to raise the temperature within the home to levels lethal to termites. This process kills termites and their eggs, particularly useful for localized infestations or sensitive environments.