Top 5 reviews method for termite control in Dubai

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Top 5 Reviews method for termite control in companies :

1- Injection method

Many companies use termite injection methods for anti-termite treatment, which have received good reviews for their effectiveness. This method involves a low-pressure pump on a vehicle to distribute chemicals deep into the soil, reaching far into the ground. This approach helps target areas close to termite colonies, making it an efficient way to deal with termites.

2- termite bait station

termite bait stations have received outstanding reviews, often earning a perfect 5-star rating. After the initial termite control treatment, these bait stations play a crucial role in maintaining a termite-free environment. Leveraging our extensive experience in termite control, we’ve introduced an innovative method that strategically places these stations inside homes, capturing termites before they have the chance to cause any damage. This proactive approach has garnered rave reviews and is consistently rated at the highest level of satisfaction, earning a solid 5 stars for its effectiveness.

3-Termite Firewall

Akkad Pest Control came up with a simple solution called the “Termite Firewall.” It involves making holes close to each other, less than 40 cm apart, around your home. Chemicals are injected into these holes, creating a chemical tunnel or barrier that prevents termites from getting in. This way, your home is protected, and termites can’t invade again.



frequency questions and answers

How much pest control termite cost ?

  1. Regular Termite Treatment: Starts at AED 180, door, window , doorframe
  2. Termite Spot Treatment: Starts at 50 AED.
  3. Pre-Construction Termite Treatment: Starts at AED 1.7 per linear meter.
  4. Post-Construction Termite Treatment: Starts at 20 AED.
  5. Villa protections all villa start from AED 1500 including doors and windows

how many kind of warrnaty for termite ?

-Year Warranty:

Q: What does the 1-year warranty cover?

1-year warranty covers specific parts of your home, such as one or two doors, individual windows, or individual issues within your home. It’s designed for addressing isolated termite problems.

5-Year Warranty:

Q: What’s included in the 5-year warranty?

The 5-year warranty provides comprehensive coverage for your entire home. It includes all individual parts and even the firewall system to ensure thorough termite protection.

Lifetime Warranty:

How does the lifetime warranty work?

The lifetime warranty, or “Life Warranty,” offers long-term peace of mind. It covers the firewall system and includes a 2-year re-injection system to maintain the effectiveness of the termite barrier over time.

Q: Is the lifetime warranty transferable if I sell my home?

A: Transferability depends on the terms and conditions of the warranty provider. Some lifetime warranties may be transferable, while others may not. It’s essential to clarify this with your provider.


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