Cockroaches Facts

The largest type of cockroach that is common in homes around the world is the German cockroach.


A typical cockroach will be one-half an inch to two inches long and have six legs. Their outside color ranges from a brown to a black color. They are an oval shape with wings on the adults. Some female cockroaches may stay pregnant for life after mating only once.


The diet for this type of cockroach consists of plants and other insects. This insect consumes almost anything that it can digest. You can find this insect living in dark places that are wet and warm. The most common place to find a cockroach is in basements, pipes and drains.


Cockroaches crawl through dirty areas and can track contaminants into your home. They often shed their outside skin that is often seen as an allergen. Preventing cockroaches from appearing is done by putting food inside of containers and keeping cabinets clean.