Bed Bugs Come Back Again

Bed bugs are pernicious pests that can return even if you’ve called in pest control to exterminate them. Sometimes, this is because some of the bugs or their eggs survived the extermination. Other times, it is because you’ve brought more home with you. Bed bug infestations can be hard to eliminate entirely, but there are ways through which you can make sure they don’t return.


How do you find bed bugs?

Bed bugs like hiding in dark places in or near your bed. You’ll need to search your bed, both sides of the mattress, bedside furniture, electrical outlets and everything else by your bed if you want to find them all. If you fail, the extermination will fail because the survivors will restart the infestation. You’ll need to check places where you’re staying for the pests and be careful where you put your things because bed bugs like to cling to your pets, clothing and luggage.


How to get rid of bed bugs?

Laundering, heating and freezing are all viable bed bug treatments, but chemical sprays are the most popular bed bug treatments because of their universal applicability. All of these methods can fail because bed bugs are tough – heating fails if the temperature falls short of 50°C, freezing needs multiple days of -19°C temperature while even chemicals are not 100% successful. If the first attempt doesn’t solve your bed bug problem, then you will need to repeat the process until you’ve found and killed them all. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to take precautions to prevent them from reentering your home. The most important step is to watch out for bed bugs clinging to you or your possessions are you enter your home, but you can also help prevent infestations by encasing your mattress in plastic covers and using double-sided tape to make sure that no bed bug can crawl up the legs of your bed bugs again.