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Sharjah is a preferred location for many communities due its close proximity to other surrounding locations. Sharjah provides affordable accommodations such as partitions, apartments and villas as well as access to other amenities including schools, shopping malls and  restaurants. Sharjah Free Zone is another favoured place for businesses and industries.

With the growing population in both domestic and commercial entities, the city faces regular pest infestations, especially from rodents such as rats and mice, cockroaches, flies and bed bugs due to shared accommodations. Termite infestation is also another matter of concern.

With this concern, the need for hiring a pest control specialist certified from the Sharjah City Municipality is important.

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Cockroach Control

Cockroaches mostly infest accommodations and residences in Sharjah, particularly in kitchens and washrooms, where warm and moist conditions prevail.

Leftover food containers, garbage bins, and food particles serve as excellent food sources for all types of cockroaches.

We use various strategies to stop and prevent cockroach infestations in residences, workplaces, homes, apartments, and villas eradicating pest infestations for long term relief.

Inspecting the Property:

We conduct a property inspection to identify areas where cockroaches are nesting, laying eggs, and finding entry points.

Treatment for the infestation:

Depending on the severity of the infestation and the property’s location, chemical treatments may involve baits, powder, gel, or spray.

Prevention for the future: 

Cockroaches can enter through entry sites such as holes in windows, pipes, and fractures in walls, therefore prevention involves sealing these.

Monitoring & Follow-ups: Throughout the warranty period, routine follow-ups to ensure the treatment has been effectively finished will be free of charge.

Rat Control services

Rat infestation is another common problem in Sharjah’s highly populated areas. Rat and mouse infestations are primarily caused by improper waste management in kitchens and neglected trash cans outside of eateries. Food scraps left over from homes, flats, and buildings attract rats. Our first course of action when dealing with rat infestations is a careful inspection of the premises.

After the inspection, our professionals choose the best course of action for getting rid of rats. The use of glue traps, rodenticides, and bait stations are examples of treatment techniques.


These poisonous baits are made especially to draw in and eliminate rats. Typically, rodenticides are positioned in bait stations to keep kids, pets, and non-target animals away.


Various kinds of traps, like glue and snap traps, are used to catch and get rid of rats. Rats are trapped in glue traps until they can be removed, whereas snap traps are meant to kill them instantaneously.

Pest Control in Sharjah


Bed Bug Control for apartments

  1. All mattresses, rugs, couches, beds, and other furniture where people usually sleep or spend a lot of time should be thoroughly sprayed because these are common places for bed bugs to hide.
  2. Take out any books and clothing that have been kept in cabinets for a long time because they could be bed insect nesting sites.
    To get rid of any possible infestations, wash any article of clothing you might think could be home to bed bugs.
  3. Should your attempts at treating bed bugs prove ineffective, get help from a reliable pest control company to ensure that the bugs are properly treated and eradicated.

Pest control steps in Sharjah

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FAQ's on Pest control in Sharjah

Regularly inspect and treat areas prone to infestation, such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and dark, moist spaces. Consider seeking professional pest control services for thorough eradication and long-term prevention measures.

Depending on the severity of the infestation and the required treatment, the price varies. We offer immediate assistance for urgent pest problems with a one-time service at a fixed rate of 99 AED. Additionally, we provide a 6-month warranty option for ongoing protection, starting at 157.5 AED for studio apartments. This package includes unlimited service calls within the warranty period. Our pricing plans accommodate various budgets and preferences, allowing customers to select the level of pest control that suits their needs. Whether you need a quick solution or comprehensive coverage, our goal is to deliver value and efficiency. With our 6-month warranty, we promptly address any new pest issues at no extra charge for service calls, ensuring continuous peace of mind for our clients.

Yes, its a fully licensed company with the city Municipality of Sharjah to provide various pest related service using pesticides and insecticides.

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