Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed bug infestations can be annoying and a terrible nuisance because they are hard to find and hard to kill. Bed bugs rarely have to do with lack of housekeeping. People often unknowingly bring bed bugs into their home by way of infested purses, backpacks, furniture, shoes and clothing. If you find that your home is infested with bed bugs, don’t try to tackle the problem yourself; call a professional. Although bed bugs can be difficult to eradicate, professional pest control experts offer fumigations that are effective in killing bed bugs of all life stages — including eggs. Powerful gas fumigations can infiltrate cracks, crevices, furniture and other places where bed bugs can hide. Even after a fumigation procedure, there is always a chance of bed bugs reappearing. If this happens, you should have your home fumigated again. It could take several fumigations to finally eradicate bed bugs and their eggs once and for all. Between treatments, you should also employ preventative measures to help control the problem.


Bed bug infestation in the United Arab Emirates is growing at an alarming rate. According to the UAE, seven out of ten pest control calls are for bed bug infestations alone. Although heat and humidity are the key reasons for bed bug outbreaks in the summer months, densely populated areas including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sjarjah, Jebel Ali and Ajman are now dealing with the problem year round. According to UAE’s National Pest Control, bed bug infestations are popping up literally everywhere. Homes, public transportation, villas, labor camps and even limousines are infested with bed bugs. Because bed bugs tend to hide in clothing, furniture and even baggage, areas with higher population tend to have greater problems with infestations. Another factor that contributes to the difficulty in eradication is that bed bugs can adapt and build up a resistance to pesticides. Although the National Pest Control began switching chemicals every few months, it seemed to have little to no effect in killing bed bug eggs. Due to the dangers of fumigation treatments and the ineffectiveness of water-based pesticides, National Pest Control adopted a new freezing method to kill bed bugs and their eggs. The procedure was quickly abandoned due to unforseen problems. National Pest Control is now looking into a new non toxic chemical treatment that is being used by Australia, Europe and the U.S. This treatment has a 98 percent success rate and is more practical than previous methods. Although the product is undergoing tests, it is believed that it will eliminated bed bugs as well as their eggs permanently.