Bees Disease and Treatment

Being stung by a bee is considered ordinary by many people, so they take it for granted. But while most cases can be treated by a simple cold compress, there are instances when a bee sting can be deadly.


Bee sting basics

Stings are only found in insects under order Hymenoptera. These include bees, ants, and wasps. The stinger, also called ovipositor, is an egg-laying tool. It’s only found in females, so only they can sting. Aside from laying eggs, they use this apparatus in defending their territory. Stingers are good defense tools because they contain venom. Its main chemical is called melittin which brings a painful sensation to the skin. It starts with a really sharp pain then it downgrades to a minor ache. The area that got stung will swell and turn red. It can also be itchy. The soreness and itchiness can last for days.


Common treatments

Bee stingers usually remain in the skin because they are pointed. The stinger has to be removed immediately to stop the flow of venom. Once the stinger has been removed, wash the wound, then treat it. There are many ways to treat a bee sting. The most common treatment is a cold compress. There are also creams that you can use to reduce the swelling like antihistamine preparations or aerosol.


Its more dangerous side

Watch out for the more harmful effects of a bee sting.


Anaphylaxis- Some reactions suggest that a person is allergic to bee stings. There are symptoms that seem non-threatening like rashes, swelling, vomiting, nausea, headache and abdominal cramps. There are also more serious symptoms like dizziness, shock, difficulty in breathing, or unconsciousness. They imply that a person needs immediate medical attention. These symptoms can show immediately after the person got stung. They can also begin 30 minutes after the incident. These syptoms can go on for hours.


Mass envenomation- There are times when someone is stung lots of times. These many stings can cause him to feel hurt or to get really sick. And because each stinger contains a considerable amount of venom, a person can be killed after being stung multiple times.


Renal insufficiency- A person who experienced multiple stings should be observed even days after the event. This is to make sure that he will not suffer from renal insufficiency. This happens when the protein content of venom perforates the cell walls and breaks up the body cells. Because of this damage on the cells, some waste materials cannot get out of the body through the kidneys. It can result in kidney failure if left untreated.


Sting preventions

Bees are attracted to odors, so it is best not to use colognes when going to a place with bees. It is also a good thing to keep your feet covered and avoid wearing brightly colored clothes.


It is important not to disturb their nesting areas. Bees abound even in dry areas like Dubai. If you notice that there are bees flying in the place, keep out. If there are too many of them, you can ask the help of experts like the Akkad Pest Control Services.