Cardboard Containers and Pests

Cockroaches, Silverfish, Firebrats, Stored Products Moths, Spiders, Mice, Rats

When an infestation of unwanted pests takes up residence on your premises, you may wonder where they came from. It is important to be aware that some infestations begin when you bring cardboard containers into your home. Storing products in cardboard boxes can be very convenient, but these storage containers invite cockroaches, moths, spiders, silverfish, and firebrats into your home. Whether you live in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Jebel Ali or beyond, you need to protect yourself from these pests.


If someone offers you cardboard boxes filled with books, clothing, housewares or other goods, you should carefully remove and inspect each item for insects before taking the items home. Never bring the original cardboard box onto your property. Even mice and rats can nest in boxes of stored items like old clothing and blankets. When you bring cardboard boxes into your home, you are likely to end up with an infestation of anything from cockroaches to rats. That’s a steep price to pay for a box of used clothing or old books.