Carpets and Rug Insects

Carpets beetle, Fleas, Cockroaches, Clothed Moths

If you have ever had carpet beetles, fleas, cockroaches or moths in your home, then you know that they breed and multiply quickly making it far easier to prevent these pests than to exterminate them after they have infested your premises. The first step in preventing them is understanding some ways that they may enter your property. Carpet beetles, fleas, cockroaches and moths all have one thing in common. They can access your home through carpets and rugs.

If you find any of these unpleasant insects in your home following the installation of carpets or rugs, then you may have purchased flooring that was already harboring an infestation of these critters. The likelihood of this taking place is even greater if you bring used carpeting into your home, but these pests may also inhabit new carpeting. If you purchase rugs from a supplier that has an infestation, then those rugs could bring pests onto your property as well.