Field Ants Pest Control

If you stumble upon a strange-looking hill in your garden, then you are probably looking at a field ant’s nest. Field ants get their name from their preferred outdoor habitat. Otherwise known as Formica, they are known for their relatively large size as well as for their ability to build large mounds that connect to make a network of several kingdoms of ant nests. They are, however, not to be confused with fire ants, which are somewhat smaller.


Field ants are abundant in several countries around the world. Of course, since warm and relatively dry areas make it easy for them to build their homes, it is quite usual to find field ants in Dubai. These ants are commonly found in villas, but do not typically stay indoors. The garden is the most appropriate place for these ants and their nests, which is why you can expect to find a hill or two even if you have a small lawn.


While field ants are not usually considered pests in the strictest sense, you probably don’t want your garden or backyard to be infested with such creatures. Furthermore, if you accidentally step on an ant mound, you can be bitten. Field ants may not sting as much as fire ants do, but they release formic acid as they bite. These bites can therefore be painful and, for more sensitive people, can also cause allergic reactions. It therefore makes sense to get rid of these ants, especially if their nests are very close to your home. If you do not think you have a field ant problem yet, it is still best to follow a few simple prevention measures. For instance, you can make sure that your backyard is clean and pieces of wood, fallen leaves, and other materials that could encourage nesting are cleared away. If you have a minor ant problem, the solution can even be easier than getting rid of flies, as a liquid formulation can be poured over small mounds.


If the problem is more serious, though, or if a regular insecticide does not fix the problem, the best solution is getting a professional to assist you with pest control. Akkad Pest Control Services, for instance, does not just specialize in getting rid of rats, cockroaches, and other pesky house guests. They also offer effective ant control services to help you get rid of field ants effectively. So, the next time you come across a suspicious-looking mound in your garden, you can be confident in knowing that a potent solution to your field ant problem is just a call away.