Pest Control in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is known for its luxurious JBR residences and attractive beaches. The city is filled with international restaurants, sky scrapers, entertainment hubs and various tourist attractions.

With the increasing population in Dubai Marina, prioritizing pest control and management is important. Various pests infestations that requires pest control are Bed bugs from hotel apartments, Cockroaches living in kitchen and washrooms as well as Rat infestation forming from sewages and restaurant garbage bins.

To avoid such pest infestations and to ensure safety of your residence, home apartment, villa or even your business premises and office, it is important to consult a professional pest control company in Dubai Marina.

Pest Control in Dubai Marina JBR

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Bed Bug Control for apartments

  1. Apply a thorough spray to all mattresses, carpets, sofas, beds, couches, and other furniture where people typically sleep or spend prolonged periods, as these are common areas for bed bugs to reside.
  2. Remove any clothes and books that have been stored in cabinets for an extended period, as these can serve as potential hiding spots for bed bug nests.
  3. Wash all clothing suspected of harboring bed bugs to eliminate any potential infestations.
  4. If your attempts to treat bed bugs prove unsuccessful, seek assistance from a professional pest control company for proper treatment and eradication.

Rat Control services

Another common infestation in populated areas in Dubai is the infestation of Rats. The primary cause of Rats and mice is improper waste management from kitchens and untended garbage bins from restaurants. Rats are attracted to left over foods in buildings, apartments  and homes.

To control rat infestations, we will first inspect the property. After the inspection is completed, our technicians decide on the most appropriate treatment method to eradicate rats. The treatment methods may include bait stations, rodenticides and glue traps.


These are poisonous feeders made to attract and eliminate rats. Rodenticides are typically stored in bait stations to limit access by children, pets, and harmless animals.


Rats can be trapped and killed using various devices, including snap and glue traps. Snap traps are designed to eliminate rats instantly, whereas glue traps ensnare them until they can be disposed of.

Pest Control Dubai Marina

Cockroach Control in Dubai Marina

Cockroach infestation in Dubai Marina is mostly seen in accommodations and residences. Commonly in kitchen and washrooms cockroaches can be noticed due to the warm and moist conditions.

Leftover food containers from kitchen, garbage bins and food particles provide an excellent source of food supply for cockroaches and ants. At Akkad, we use various strategies to stop and prevent Cockroach infestations in your residence, workplace, home, apartment and villa.

Inspection: We inspect the property to locate the areas where cockroaches are forming, laying eggs and the entry points

Treatment: Chemical treatments include baits, powder, gel and spray depending on the severity of the infestation and the location of the property

Prevention: Sealing entry points, gaps in windows, pipes and cracks in walls were cockroaches can enter

Monitoring & Follow-ups: Regular follow-ups would be free during the warranty period to make sure the treatment has been completed successfully

Pest Control Steps in Dubai Marina

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Akkad proudly boasts 23 years of UAE expertise, honored with 13 awards from Dubai Municipality's Pest Control Section.

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FAQ's on Pest Control Dubai Marina

Pest control costs in Dubai Marina vary with the severity of infestation and required treatment. A one-time service is offered at 99 AED for immediate issues. For ongoing protection, a 6-month warranty is available starting at a rate of 157.5 AED for studio apartments, this amount to pay one time including unlimited calls. Our rates are designed to meet various budgets and needs, allowing customers to choose their preferred pest control level. Our offerings range from quick fixes to comprehensive coverage, all aimed at delivering value and efficiency. The 6-month warranty ensures that any arising pest issues are addressed promptly without additional charges for service calls."

To effectively combat cockroach infestations, scheduling 2 - 6 months is recommended. This frequency has been determined through extensive observation and has proven successful in preventing cockroach outbreaks. Adhering to this can significantly reduce the risk of infestation. For eradicating bed bugs, a two-session schedule is necessary to thoroughly eliminate the pests and eradicate any hidden nests they may have established in concealed areas. Ant control typically involves a two-part approach, addressing both outdoor and indoor areas. Due to the complexity of this process, a more frequent scheduling may be required to effectively manage ant populations and prevent re-infestation.

Time to complete service can take 30 minutes for cockroaches. To get rid of cockroaches, it needs 5 days. For ants, a similar time period is required.

All materials used are approved by Dubai Municipality, ensuring that all pesticides are designed for human safety.