Pets and Insects

Fleas, Ticks, Cone-Nose Bugs

People love their pets, and no one hesitates to bring these companion animals into their homes. Unfortunately, unwanted pests like fleas, ticks and conenose bugs can enter your premises by hitching a ride on your beloved pets. When your dog goes for a walk outside, it can easily pick up fleas from other animals in the neighborhood or at parks. Dogs also frequently pick up ticks that are hiding in the grass. Conenose bugs are another blood-sucking insect that can invade your home after attacking your pets.

Once fleas, ticks and conenose bugs invade your house or apartment, they can live in your carpets, bedding and furniture. These pests all feed on blood, so you are likely to find yourself and your pets suffering from bed bugs if you have an infestation. Conenose bugs are also known as kissing bugs or Mexican bed bugs. Like bed bugs, they feed at night while you are sleeping, and you may wake up with wounds or lumps from their bites.