Plants and Pest infestation

Ants, Spiders and Mites

Plants can really brighten up a room. Unfortunately, they can also leave you facing an infestation from insects like mites, spiders and ants. It is very common for ordinary houseplants to harbor these unwanted pests in the potting soil, stems, under leaves or even in the blooms and blossoms of houseplants. Other than avoiding indoor plants altogether, there are some things you can do to prevent your home from being infested by ants, spiders and mites.

Never bring your houseplants outdoors to get extra light or air. Place them near a closed or screened-in window instead. Taking houseplants outdoors gives insects the perfect opportunity to invade them. Indoor houseplants must stay indoors. Likewise, you should never bring outdoor plants inside because insects are likely to be lurking inside them already. If someone offers you a plant from their home or garden, repot it before bringing it inside your home, and closely inspect the plant for any pests. Alternatively, grow your own plant from a cutting to prevent bringing home insects on the plant’s roots or stems.