Bed bugs from Schools

Bed bugs bite humans and feed on their blood. They are very easy to spread and very hard to completely eliminate once they infest your home.

Bed bugs are so small that they can fit into tiny crevices in bags, luggage, clothing, books, and other personal things. This characteristic allows them to quickly travel from one place to another; most people report bed bug infestations after staying in hotel rooms and at friends’ houses. What makes the problem worse is that control of bed bugs is very hard once they enter your home.

Aside from traveling and staying in infested hotel rooms, schools are now becoming major cause of bed bugs control problem in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This is caused by the direct mingling of your children with their schoolmates who might be living in homes that are infested with bed bugs.

Bed bugs can travel from the school by hiding in your kids’ school things like bags, books, notebooks, and others. Children are naturally friendly; it is hard for them to avoid the practice of lending and borrowing things that usually takes place between schoolmates. So a schoolmate, or worse, your child’s seatmate whose home has a pest control problem, can spread bed bugs to your child’s things unintentionally.


Schoolmates and their things are not the only source of bed bug control problem that can eventually affect your home. In some cases, the school itself is the actual culprit. Bed bugs can hide in desks, picture frames, books used in the school, and other things inside the school even after the kids with bed bugs problems in their home leave the school. These pests can easily hop into your children’s bags once the children come in contact with the places and things where they are hiding. After that, these pests can take a free ride to your home.


The best way on how to control pest is by preventing it from getting into your home in the first place. It is both cheaper and easier to prevent pest infestation than to treat it.


It is very important to educate your children about bed bugs control if you suspect that other kids in their school are carriers of these pests. The least that you can ask of them is not to lend or borrow anything from their schoolmates. Children are very easy to teach, so make sure that you tell them to be respectful when they refuse other kids’ requests so as not to embarrass them.


At worst, you might need to instruct your children not to mingle and play with other kids in school if you are positive that they might carry bed bugs. This might become a burden to your children, but it’s just a small price to pay in keeping your home free of bed bugs.


You can do your own bedbugs control at home by carefully inspecting your children’s bags for signs of bed bugs and their eggs. Adult bed bugs grow to a length of 4-5 millimeters in length and 1.5-3 millimeters width at the stomach area. It is reddish brown when engorged with blood after feeding and light brown when not. They’ll try to hide in the most secluded corners of your children’s bag so make sure to check all nooks and crannies thoroughly.


The real problem starts when bed bugs actually get into your home and infest everything, from the carpets to your beds, feeding and biting along the way. The primary symptoms of bed bugs bites are reddish swellings and blisters around the affected area. These pests usually feed at night when people are sleeping, so actual detection is done by doing a careful and thorough inspection of their possible hiding places.


Eradicating bed bugs takes a lot of work. It is easy to overlook one nesting place when using home remedies like pesticides and insecticides. That is why it is recommended that you consult reliable pest management companies when you suspect the presence of these pests in your home. They have the right tools, technology, experience, and knowledge on how to control pest in homes and other locations. It is important to kill all bugs, nymphs, and eggs to effectively control their spread.


Akkad Pest Control is an expert in bed bugs treatment in the UAE. The company has been doing extensive research about the sources of the problem in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, offering expert pest and insect control service for homes and offices.


Professional help is often more desirable than do-it-yourself solutions that most people resort to when an effective bed bugs control is needed. The common method of eradicating pests by using pesticides is not effective in bed bugs, primarily because these pests are very good at hiding. Missing just a single pregnant female or a nesting place can restart the problem in just a few days.


Expert pest controllers from Akkad Pest Control will not only kill all bed bugs, eggs, and nymphs in your home, they’ll also help you keep it bug free. They offer advice on how to keep these parasites under control to keep your family safe. You can expect your home to be 100% bug free and your family safe from health hazards once they are done with their job.