Two Session To Kill Bed Bugs

Although bed bugs are not the most threatening pests that can infest a home, their presence is nonetheless a constant source of disgust and irritation. Bed bugs cannot pass on diseases in the same manner as other biting insects such as mosquitoes, but that is little comfort to their victims, who are the ones waking up to the signs of their nighttime feeding. Such signs can include red spots, welts, and even localized swelling. In more serious cases, bed bug victims might even experience itchiness, burning sensations, and even inflammation of the surrounding area. Even though these symptoms are not dangerous to most individuals, learning that bed bugs have been feeding on their blood can prove to be both aggravating and humiliating.

Our latest solution to this particular pest problem is something that we call the Bed Bug Follow Up. Most efforts to eliminate bed bugs infesting a home fail because the chosen method is unable to kill all specimens found therein. Although there is an initial improvement, that brief spot of hope soon fades as the bed bug population recover from both breeding members and concealed eggs missed during the extermination. The Bed Bug Follow Up is a simple but nonetheless effective method that attempts to sidestep this problem rather than confront it head-on.

In short, we begin our efforts with an initial spray of pesticides intended to kill as many of the bed bugs infesting a home as possible. However, instead of relaxing and then congratulating ourselves for an incomplete extermination, we estimate the life cycle of the bed bugs and then schedule a second engagement sometime between 7 to 14 days later. On that second occasion, we spray the home a second time to kill whatever bed bugs survived the initial extermination plus those that have hatched from concealed eggs. In this manner, we ensure a more thorough extermination that is sure to remove the bed bug infestation in a home.

Of course, this thoroughness is not the only benefit to the Bed Bug Follow Up. Since we are planning on making multiple trips to ensure the bed bugs’ removal, we can use less dangerous pesticides during the process. Stronger formulations are more effective at killing pests such as bed bugs, but that same effectiveness also makes them potential dangers to the people living in the homes. Babies, children, and pregnant women are but some of the people who might experience complications as a result of living in homes that have been sprayed using the harsher pesticides that other Dubai exterminators use. Not to mention that family pets such as cats and dogs are also at risk of suffering from said chemicals. In contrast, our Bed Bug Follow Up is not only effective at removing bed bug infestations, but also safe for the families who will be living in the homes after the exterminations.