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Discovery Gardens offers a serene and picturesque living environment. It is Known for its lush greenery and Mediterranean-inspired architecture. It offers a serene and green-rich environment as well as a Mediterranean inspired architecture. Residents enjoy access to numerous amenities, including swimming pools, playgrounds, sports courts, and landscaped gardens.

With the busy lifestyle, attending to various pest infestations has been a challenging task for the working crowd. Growth of population, travel and tourism, food courts and entertainment hubs inadvertently accelerates the growth of pests which includes, rats and mice, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs as well as various other insects. In this aspect, a trusted pest control services should be employed to take effective preventive measures to overcome the situation.

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Cockroach Control

Cockroaches exhibit a strong affinity for environments abundant in food and water, notably kitchens and restrooms. Their diet consists of leftover food particles, spilled liquids, and improperly sealed food containers. These resilient pests can gain access to homes through tiny openings in walls, floors, and windows, where they rapidly multiply if left unchecked.

To combat cockroach infestations effectively, homeowners should enlist the expertise of a reputable pest control company. Moreover, maintaining cleanliness, practicing secure food storage techniques, and sealing entry points are essential strategies to deter cockroaches from infiltrating homes and kitchen spaces.

Inspecting the Property:

During our property examination, we meticulously locate the spots where cockroaches typically establish nests, deposit eggs, and discover pathways for ingress.

Treatment for the infestation:

In response to the level of infestation and the environmental context of the property, chemical treatments can include baits, powders, gels, or sprays, delivering diverse options for effective pest eradication.

Prevention for the future: 

Warding off cockroach infestations requires taking proactive measures like sealing any openings, such as gaps in windows, pipes, and wall crevices, and maintaining cleanliness throughout the home, especially in areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

Monitoring & Follow-ups:

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we include free follow-up inspections during the warranty period to ensure the treatment has been successfully completed and any lingering issues are promptly addressed.

Termite Control

While Dubai boasts modern amenities and impeccable maintenance standards, the menace of termite infestations remains a concern, especially in older constructions or properties with untreated wood components. Property owners must prioritize regular inspections conducted by accredited pest control experts and adopt preventive strategies to combat potential termite threats effectively.

Chemical Treatments:

Liquid termiticides or foam applications are targeted towards zones with confirmed or potential termite infestation, like baseboards, internal walls, and wooden fixtures. Engineered to deter or eliminate termites instantly, these chemical solutions offer robust protection.

Baiting Systems:

Carefully situated in indoor locations frequented by termites, termite bait stations are stocked with potent toxic bait. Termites consume the bait and distribute it within their colony, ultimately exterminating the entire termite infestation.

Pest Control Discovery Garden


The presence of bed bugs presents significant challenges for individuals, as their bites can cause skin irritation and sleep disturbances. Additionally, allergic reactions to these bites can exacerbate the discomfort. Furthermore, bed bugs’ tendency to spread to neighboring units complicates eradication efforts and can lead to conflicts between residents and landlords.

Bed Bug Control

  1. Perform a detailed inspection of your dwelling, concentrating on locations where bed bugs are known to harbor, such as mattresses, furniture, and wall crevices. Search for live insects, shed exoskeletons, fecal spots, and egg clusters as indicators of their presence.
  2. It’s important to remove books and clothing that have been kept in cupboards for an extended time because they could become breeding grounds for bed bugs.
  3. When items like books and clothes sit in cupboards for too long, they can become attractive spots for bed bugs to nest, so it’s crucial to remove them.
  4. Should your attempts to get rid of bed bugs independently fail, it’s recommended to hire a reputable pest control company to ensure the bugs are adequately treated and eliminated from your home.

Pest Control in Discovery Gardens

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FAQ's on Pest Control in Discovery Gardens

Flexibility characterizes the pricing structure of pest control services in Bur Dubai, adjusting to the extent of infestation and the requisite treatment. Quick resolution of urgent pest issues is assured with our one-time service, beginning at 99 AED, providing immediate relief. Additionally, customers desiring extended protection can select our 6-month warranty package, priced from 157.5 AED for studio apartments. This package includes limitless service calls within the initial payment, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Our pricing plans cater to a wide range of budgets and preferences, granting customers the autonomy to choose the most suitable pest control option. Whether opting for basic interventions or comprehensive protection, our services prioritize both efficacy and affordability. With our 6-month warranty, any pest concerns arising during the covered period will be promptly addressed at no extra charge for service calls, ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction.

For effective pest management, scheduling treatments every two to three months or on a quarterly basis may be more suitable, particularly in areas susceptible to insect infestations. Assessing common pests, infestation severity, and input from pest control professionals are essential in determining treatment frequency.

Without a doubt, embracing pest control solutions proves indispensable for domiciles, preventing and eradicating pest outbreaks decisively. Regular pest control protocols are instrumental in handling insects, rodents, cockroaches, bedbugs, and similar unwanted guests, ensuring a spotless, protected, and cozy home environment.

Upon evaluating the conditions, a licensed pest elimination specialist will advise on a suitable course of action, which could comprise multiple procedures for enduring issues or a solitary service for pressing concerns. To establish the precise number of treatments needed to tackle the pest infestation effectively, it's vital to communicate with a pest control expert.