Books and Paper Pests

Cockroaches , Silverfish , Firebrat

Cockroaches, silverfish and firebrats, an insect similar to silverfish, can all sneak onto your premises hidden in books or papers. If you bring bags or boxes of secondhand books into your home, you may also be carrying some of these unwanted insects. The same is true if you bring home reams of paper, magazines or comic books. The possibility of insects entering the building through paper products increases if they have been stored in cardboard boxes or paper bags in warehouses, basements, attics or garages.

It doesn’t matter whether you have residential or commercial property in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman or Jebel Ali, the best way to ensure that your home, apartment or office is free from cockroaches, silverfish or firebrats is to prevent them from entering the building in the first place. If you can’t avoid bringing home secondhand books and similar paper objects like magazines or comic books, then you should inspect each individual item to ensure that it is insect and pest-free.