Fire Ants Elimination

Among the numerous varieties of ants in the world, the fire ant is one of the most invasive. The fire ant, or Solenopsis as it is known by its Latin name, is reddish in appearance and about a quarter of an inch long. It is typically distinguished by its dull red color, which can range from reddish black to reddish brown. It has a prominent stinger that it uses to attack trespassers. The fire ant typically lives in mounds that have a diameter ranging from 1 to 2 feet and a height of around half a foot. These mounds can house very large colonies, serving as a home for up to a quarter of a million workers. Each mound carries a queen, which tends to live up to two years while the worker ant lives up to 150 days after reaching adulthood in about 30 days. Gardens are the most appropriate places to find fire ants and their nests. The fire ant typically prefers sunny and dry areas rather than dark and moist environments.

The fire ant is not the normal, everyday house ant. Known for its aggressive nature, the ant will attack almost any intruder repeatedly. It first attaches itself to the victim by the use of its mandibles, and then injects the victim with its venom through the use of the stinger. Fire ant bites can be quite painful for most, and even fatal for some human beings. If anyone experiences a fire ant sting, a topical histamine or a cold compress can offer some relief. If a victim experiences nausea, severe itching or sweating, then emergency medical attention should be sought immediately. The active constituent of the fire ant’s sting is alkaloid in nature and can be extremely uncomfortable and sometimes painful for victims. After being bitten, the area that has been stung takes the form of red bumps that can eventually result in scarring.

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