Grains and Cereal Insects

Stored Products Beetles and Moths, Cockroaches, Mice

Unwanted pests like insects and mice can enter your premises through stored products like grains or cereals. If you have a sudden and unexpected infestation of beetles, moths, cockroaches or mice, it may have been caused by packaged food products you brought into your home or apartment.


Many homeowners in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Jebel Ali have unknowingly brought pests into their homes in boxes or bags of cereals or other dry goods. Sometimes even sealed boxes can harbor an unwanted surprise inside. If you bring infested food into your home, larvae can hatch inside your cupboards and insects can spread to the rest of your packaged food.


When you bring home food that has the potential for infestation, carefully inspect every package before putting it away. You can also store food in airtight plastic containers instead of the original bags and boxes to prevent the spread of any insects like beetles, moths or cockroaches.