Home Pets and Spreading of Pests

People love their pets, but they may not realize that these animals sometimes contribute to insect infestations in the home. It’s not uncommon for pet owners to let their beloved pets out into the garden for fresh air, sunshine, and exercise. Pet owners frequently allow these companion animals to climb onto their furniture, roll around on their bedding, and sleep on their pillows. Unfortunately, when pets spend time outdoors, they may be exposed to pests like bed bugs, silverfish, fleas, and ticks. These unwanted insects can hitch a ride into your premises via your pet, burrowing into your furnishings, and necessitating a phone call to a reputable insect control service.


Pet owners should be careful to prevent their precious pets from transferring unwelcome pests from the outdoors into their homes, carpets, and beds. Inspecting the yard and garden for insects is an important step, but some fleas, ticks, silverfish and bed bugs can elude discovery until it’s too late. Keeping the yard and garden trimmed, well-groomed, and neat may help. However, it won’t prevent pests from thriving outdoors and entering your home, creating a need for pest control and management. It’s important to remain vigilant to prevent these creatures from becoming a nuisance.


Pet owners should closely inspect their animals after they have been playing outdoors and pay careful attention to spots where insects may hide, like within their ears and under their collars. Companion animals should always be kept as clean as possible and washed as frequently as the veterinarian recommends with a shampoo that kills and repels fleas, ticks, and other insects. Pets should also be groomed appropriately. Animals should be free of any tangles or matted fur that can harbor insects.


Even with the best of intentions, pet owners may find their homes overrun by nuisance insects. That’s when it’s time to take action by contacting one of the fine pest management companies available in the UAE. The professionals at Akkad Pest Control Service are the specialists in their field. They have completed extensive research into the mechanics of infestation from the source to the solution. They are the leaders in bed bug control. They know how bed bugs treatment works, and they can help rid your home of these blood-sucking pests as well as other insects that feed on blood like fleas, ticks, and cone nose bugs.


Remember that you will need to remove your pets from the premises when your home is being treated by a pest control business. Your pets should be transported to a safe location while the professionals do their job. In addition, you may need to keep your animals away from the home for several hours after treatment for safety purposes.


To find the best pest control Dubai has to offer, look no further than Akkad Pest Control Service. This pest control and management company will be happy to inspect your home and prescribe a course of action that will bring you relief from the insects and other pests that plague your home.