How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Home Remedy

One of the hardiest pests to infest the home is the cockroach. Unfortunately, these resistant creatures are also a major human health hazard. They spread diseases by dropping feces throughout the home and reproducing exponentially.


The first step toward determining how to get rid of cockroaches through a home remedy is to thoroughly clean the home. Cockroaches depend on food and water to stay alive. Eliminating these sources will encourage roaches to abandon the home.


Homeowners who are not sure whether they actually have cockroaches can fill a jar with potato or banana peelings and then apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the inner rim of the jar. The cockroaches will climb into the jar, but will not be able to climb out.


Another approach to fighting cockroaches is to apply boric acid along the walls and at the feet of cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen. Cockroaches will crawl over the boric acid, ingest it and carry it back to the nest. Boric acid is toxic to cockroaches.


Many of these remedies will not eliminate the worst cockroach infestations. With more severe infestations, the best approach is to hire pest control services.