Appliance and Pest Infestations

Mice, Cockroaches

It can be troubling to discover that your premises have been invaded by unwanted pests. Figuring out where these unwelcome creatures originated can be puzzling, but there are common ways that pests can enter your space.

Appliances can harbor cockroaches or mice. This particularly applies to used appliances, even if they seem clean. Cockroaches are small. They can hide in crevices within appliances like stoves, refrigerators and microwave ovens. They can even lurk within smaller appliances like electric can openers or coffee pots.

Like cockroaches, mice can enter your home or commercial property in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Jebel Ali and elsewhere through appliances. Mice can live within refrigerators, stoves or freezers. Both cockroaches and mice are attracted to the leftover crumbs of food that can accumulate within used appliances. They also seek comfort in the warmth that these appliances emit when they are turned on. Once they take up residence within an appliance, a steady stream of food particles may keep them there until you take action.