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There is only one bed bugs solution that works. Enlisting the services of pest control is the best way to remove bed bugs from your home. There are several different methods used by pest control services companies, but they all have one thing in common. They are administered by professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in the field of pest control. In other words, these are not methods that you can use yourself at home. You should leave bed bugs solution to the experts rather than attempting to kill bed bugs yourself.


One bed bugs solution used by the experts is heat treatment. With heat treatment, the affected area is heated to a temperature beyond which bed bugs cannot survive. This is an environmentally friendly approach to killing bed bugs. Cold treatment is another option that works in a very similar way. Bed bugs are very sensitive to low temperatures so freezing them is another way to kill them.


Pesticides provide another bed bugs solution used by professionals. With pesticides, a wide area may be treated, and additional treatments may be necessary to fully eradicate the problem. Inorganic compounds like boric acid and diatomaceous earth are sometimes used to eliminate bed bugs. These natural compounds cause the bed bugs to dehydrate and subsequently die.


Pest control services may also include physical removal of the bed bugs via mechanical means such as vacuuming. Removing bed bugs with a powerful vacuum requires that the bed bugs be located first. Since it can be very difficult to find all the bed bugs that infest a home, vacuuming is often used in conjunction with other methods.


Barriers are sometimes used as a bed bug solution. Mattresses, box springs, and pillows can be encased in plastic. These encasements can also be used proactively to prevent bed bugs from infesting bedding.

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