Light Near Entrance

Spiders, Carpet Beetle, Flying Insects

No one wants insects on their premises. Unfortunately, there is a variety of ways that unwanted pests can enter a building. In some cases, they may be attracted to lights near the entrance of residential or commercial property. Spiders, carpet beetles, and flying insects like moths congregate near exterior lighting. When someone opens a nearby door or window, these pests swiftly fly or crawl through the open entrance.


This is a common problem in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Jebel Ali. In fact, unwelcome insects can enter your premises in any city all over the world. Pests don’t discriminate. When they see an opening, they enter through it. That’s why insects that are attracted to lights near an entrance frequently make their way indoors. You may want to reposition lights away from the entrance of your building, if possible. It’s especially important to be aware of this problem because awareness is the first step toward prevention.