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When looking for termites in your home there are signs that will indicate an infestation. Termite tubes are a sign that wood is infested with termites. They are brown colored and are the thickness of a pencil. Break the tubes open and see if any termites are found inside. These are a sign that activity occurred at some point in the past.


Another sign of termites is wood damage. Look for signs of holes in the wood as termites often feed on the inside of wood and will not appear on the outside. Tap on the wood with a hammer and then see if a hollow sound is heard. A hollow sound is a sign that termites have eaten the inside of the wood.


A mound of droppings that look like sawdust are a sign of drywood termites. This type of termite has wings that may be found in your home if there is an infestation. They can also cause sagging to beams found in a wall, floor or ceiling.


Hire a professional exterminator to perform an inspection of your home. They are able to recommend a course of action to correct the problem.

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