Why bed bugs are on the rise ?

The reasons for the apparent rise in bedbug infestations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi are almost as numerous as the pests themselves. However, two of the main reasons bedbugs seem to be more prevalent these days are a lack of knowledge of bedbugs themselves and a lack of sufficient pest control.


Ask a few people to tell you what bed bugs are and how they are spread and you may be surprised by the answers you receive. You will more than likely receive several answers, and most may be incorrect. Some people may mistakenly assume that bed bugs are roaches, while others may associate them with something smaller, like fleas. Assuming that bedbugs infestations only happen to people who are have a lackadaisical attitude about house cleaning is also incorrect. The tidiest person can find him/herself dealing with bed bugs. He/she may be completely oblivious to an infestation in his/her home. Bed bug bites can be hard to detect. Some people show no symptoms at all. On the other hand, if you have noticed reddish marks on your skin and dismissed them as temporary allergic reactions to perfumes, colognes and/or cleansers, you may be looking at bed bug bites. This is nothing to be ashamed of, because bed bug infestations are often beyond your control.


Technically, bed bugs are tiny parasites. The “adults” are less than an inch long, and “babies” are even smaller. Because of their size, bed bugs can find their way into your home in several ways. For example, tourists are often unwitting culprits. A busload of tourists can literally spread thousands of bedbugs to thousands of residents in a matter of hours. Another example would be college students returning from spring break and/or other holidays. They can also start infestations. Bed bugs can attach themselves to clothes, books, luggage, etc. Hotels are notorious “hot spots” for bed bug infestations. Bed bugs can be transported from towels, bed linen, carpeting and furniture that have not been properly sanitized to you and your belongings. Theaters, nightclubs, restaurants and museums are other places bed bugs like to reside and often go undetected until it’s too late.


While some household remedies may offer temporary fixes to minor bed bug infestations, a more permanent fix can be had by utilizing professional pest control services. Not only is hiring professionally trained pest control workers best in terms of completely eliminating bed bug infestations, but it is also safer and cost-effective in the long run. Simply being fastidious about keeping your home and/or business neat is not enough, and using products based on hearsay alone can be expensive and, in some cases, dangerous.


The specialists at Akkad Pest Control Services can recognize signs of infestations and nip the problem in bud with a variety of treatments that are both eco-friendly and economical. The Verifiâ„¢ bed bug detector, for example, is superior to other bedbug detection devices in that it allows pest control specialists to detect bed bug infestations in the “early stages.” Business owners are sure to appreciate the free site surveys.